Nothing like documenting a little Saturday morning Blackjack to get the weekend going.

The dealer was none other than my father in law, Puff, who made a guest appearance all the way from the Dirty Jerz, and brought along my godson (extraordinaire), Gus.

Note: my mother in law was also here but she threatened me if I included her in any photos.

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5on5_April-45on5_April-5Thanks for looking!  Head over to Sycamore Lane Photography and check out the beauty that always radiates off Jenny’s photos:  Click here


Whoa! Your photography always makes me slow down and look closely! Love the story here!

Thanks Jenny!!! Sometimes we all need gentle reminders to slow it down and pay attention 🙂

Katherine MacInnes

Love the reactions and concentration! Puff always the great orator. Perfectly captured!

What fun memories!

Victoria Bartol Vallely

Cool pictures and everyone looked like they were having a good time and very interested in $$$$$.

Blair Bartol MacInnes

One thing for sure, they will all know how to count to twenty one. You have captured the flavor of the morning! And this is your mother-in-law who is most appreciative of being omited It was a VERY bad hair a.m. and this is too good a series to have me in it. Love it. B

Melissa Carroll Kayser

That shot of your father-in-law!!! What great memories!