It’s hard to squeeze in one-on-one time with each of my kids, so when Lila asked me if we could take Otis for a walk the other day, I stopped what I was doing and off we went.

“I’ll hold the leash, and you can hold the poop bag AND you have to pick it up if he poops,”  she told me very matter of factly.  Otis is a big boy.  He also knows when a little human is holding the leash and he PULLS hard.  I tell the kids to hold his leash with authority because he can sense their hesitation (I fully made that up, but they don’t know that… least they won’t until they read this blog post).

The minute we got outside Otis broke free from her grip and ran as fast as he could across the street to play with another dog.  By “play with” I really mean “run inside their house and steal food while jumping on everyone and then racing back outside and hiding.”   It would have been so fun to show you that fiasco for my 5-on-5 this month, but I couldn’t work my camera while trying to wrangle my dog and apologize profusely to the neighbor so instead you’ll be treated to 5 photos from our walk with Otis…..  (and don’t forget to click on the link at the end of the post to see what Becky shot this month)silhouette of girl walking dog out door

dog leash dragging behind

girl pulling dog leash

Girl kissing yellow lab's head

girl walking dog down street

As always, thanks for following along with this little project of ours.  Keep the blog circle going and head over to see what Becky shot this month by clicking HERE

Melissa Carroll Kayser

LOVE!!! Really great story. I can totaly imagine your crazier moments through your words too. Great work!

Thanks Melissa!

What wonderful images of a terrific memory! Dogs bring so much fun into our lives, don’t they?!?

Thanks Becky! Yes- totally! And this dog in particular is all kinds of crazy, which usually makes us laugh.

Thanks Jenny!!!! That is a HUGE compliment coming from you! 🙂

I adore these! You are a master story-teller!