Ahh, homework hour(s).  How I loathe thee and I don’t even have to do it!  What I have to do is much worse.  I have to police my three kids, hovering over them while they practice their grammar and rewrite spelling words,  and then basically hide from them while they struggle with the utter hell that is Common Core math.

Actually, I don’t really have to hide from my kids when they tackle their math homework.  They’ve learned they’re better off leaving me out of it.  Let me just give you a little example: ‘Chastity brought 17 pieces of candy to school and ate 6 pieces before lunch and then gave 2 pieces each to her besties, Petunia and Yennipher.  How much candy did Chastity have left at the end of the day?  Be sure to use the the most complicated method of solving this problem and staple all of your work together because you’ll need at least 5 pieces of paper to come up with the answer. ‘   Clearly it was a trick question because I knew Chastity had NO candy left since it was likely confiscated the minute she walked into her classroom.  Everyone knows candy isn’t allowed at school (unless it’s gluten/nut/calorie/fat/sugar/dairy free.  So basically you can bring candy to school if it’s water).  Turns out, I was wrong.  The answer was: 6 pieces of pizza.

Exactly.  Screw you Common Core Math, you dirty little schoolyard bully!

With that, I give you my 5-on-5 for the month of October:  Homework with Oliver.  Be sure to follow the blog circle and click on the link at the end of my post to check out the talented Lacey Monroe to see what she captured.






I know, I know– he’s so cute.

Head on over to see what Lacey of Lacey Monroe Photography blogged about for her 5-on-5 by clicking here


Love how he is sticking his tongue out in concentration- such a great detail of kid life.

Thanks! I love that too 🙂 These little details are the ones we forget about so easily when they don’t happen anymore.

Oh Common Core…. I am a tutor (besides a photographer) and I am beginning to get students who are so confused and can’t even do the basics of math. I feel your pain.

Your photos are amazing!!! Loved every single capture!

I agree common core is pointless. Luckily my daughter’s charter still teaches the classical way. Hopefully that doesn’t change anytime soon. He seems to be really concentrating.

That Common Core intro was the bomb! Luckily I haven’t had to deal with that – yet – but my little one is in 1st grade so I’m sure by next year I’ll be pulling my hair out with it.
These images are absolutely precious. Seriously. Great job capturing homework time. 🙂

Thanks Ebi! If I can’t laugh at it all, I will lose my ever loving mind!!!

Gosh I love these! I hope it wasn’t too bad for him, I think I would cry if I had to do math that way.

Thanks Beth! Luckily, math is one of his stronger areas, and he totally laughs at me when I have to look an answer up online (I mean, why do I need to figure out the lowest common denominator at my age?!?! haha!).

Loved these! Math sucks.

haha!~ Totally!

Great images! I loved the commentary in the beginning. I couldn’t help but laugh at the “trick question”

Thank you Maryrose! Humor is necessary when conquering homework time!!! 🙂

Seriously, your images are fantastic. So crisp and sharp. Love your details. And your humor with common core is phenomenal!

Thank you Melissa! Yeah- common core and i are NOT FRIENDS!!! 🙂

Oh- these are so sweet! I love his concentrated face with his tongue out. So cute!!

Thanks Jen! That last one is a favorite of mine– tongue out, concentrating hard AND looking cute 🙂