I took the kids for their obligatory back to school haircuts the other day, with my camera in tow. They weren’t psyched about having to get their hair cut, and they definitely weren’t psyched that I kept snapping photos of them while they were doing so. I shot all three of them throughout their appointments, but it’s Abby who is highlighted in this month’s 5 on 5 post. My first baby will be thirteen next month. A teenager. I can’t even. I just can’t.

Don’t forget to click on the link at the bottom to check out the talented Jenny Bowers of Sycamore Lane Photography to see her 5 on 5 images for September.






Head over to see what Jenny Bowers has going on this month!


I love this memory you captured. Getting haircuts is such a moment for kids (and moms).

The first one of them sitting looking board is my favorite! I remember that feeling many times at the hair dressers as a kid.

Love your selection. Your images tells her expression perfectly into the story.

Thanks Jessica! I’m so glad I brought my camera along with me!

I love that we both did haircuts for our 5 on 5! 🙂 Guess that is a typical back to school prep. My boys are young, but they don’t really like me taking pictures during haircuts either. You think they would be used to it since I take pictures of their cuts every month or so! haha!

I know, Jen! So funny!!!

Danielle, these are the best!!! What an amazing story!

Thanks Jenny! I think my kids are secretly glad I took the pictures too 🙂

Man, oh MAN, the look of (almost) teenage girls! You are going to have some boys to fight off soon. That mirror shot with the brick framing is FANTASTIC! And the tub line-up … and the finished shot. Awesome job!!!

Ha! Thanks Melissa! She’s been perfecting THAT look for some time now! She certainly has it down pat 🙂

Danielle, I really love that you choose to document this moment. The story genuinely shows your children in their element while waiting for their appointment. And I enjoyed all the details highlighting Abby’s wash, cut and final result. Great job.

Thanks Eboni!!! I grabbed my camera at the last second as we were leaving and I’m so grateful I did. I think we always document that very first haircut and then don’t really think much about it as the years go on. I’m glad I have these 🙂

Love your perspectives here!

Thanks so much, Julia!