5 on 5 : June 2016 : Vermont Water Babies

Memorial Day weekend found us up at Hewitt Hill Farm where we learned just how hot Vermont can actually get (especially with no air conditioning).  But there was a pool!  And you better believe the 9 MacInnes cousins took full advantage of that.

This month’s 5 on 5 was an exercise in deliberate culling after spending some time shooting by the pool.  I caught so many delicious camera aware shots:  chlorine spiked eyes glistening wildly at the camera, toothless smiles and freckled faces erupting in the mantra of their generation: “Let me see!  Let me see!”

In the end, the 5 photos I chose this month are so very different from that description above.  They’re the anti-portrait, if you will.  The anti-portrait makes me swoon.

Here’s why…..

I am an observer, and I shoot what I see.  I’m constantly framing images up in my head even when I don’t have my camera with me.  It’s just how my  mind works.  One of the things I make sure my clients know up front is that I’m not a traditional portrait photographer.   I actually don’t even call myself a portrait photographer anymore.  I don’t want to pose you 10 different ways or ask you to recreate a scene you saw on Pinterest or Facebook.   If I did that, it would become less about you, and more about everyone else.  The current obsession with social media and the incessant oversharing has made it so our real stories have become lost or discarded in exchange for the pixelated fairy tales we desperately need everyone else to see.   I think we’ve all had enough of that.  Let’s get real, shall we?

So on a particularly sticky day in Vermont, this is what I saw.  Chances are, if you were standing next to me at the pool you would have probably seen things differently. And that’s not only ok, but beautiful.  (Be sure to click on the link at the end of the post to keep the blog circle going…)




5on5_june_02 5on5_june_04 5on5_june_05

Moments over poses, people.  That’s what it’s all about. If you’re interested in having me shoot a chapter of your story, drop me a line.  I’m booking shoots for the month of July (only) on the Cape. Moving forward my home base will be back on the New Hampshire Seacoast starting at the end of June.  But also,   have camera, will travel.  Anywhere.

Head over to see what my talented friend Melissa Kayser shot this month, by clicking here

As always, thanks for looking!  If you want me to know that you actually DID come take a look, go ahead and leave me a comment below so I can thank you properly!


Danielle, love the new site! 🙂

Katherine MacInnes

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Blissful moments and your words ring true!

Melissa Carroll Kayser

Yes, yes, 1000 times YES. That, “Let me see!” generation! And I always adore the way you see things. Can’t wait to see more of VT. 😉

Thank you Melissa! Such a nice compliment 🙂

Love that I never know what is coming when I look at your photos. You are an amazing artist and I hope someday you will shoot Amelia or Alexandra when the distance merges with time and schedule.

You are so sweet, Pat! Thank you!

Jennifer Berg Carter

Love these

This from one who is older than all of you put together. You are a VERY talented photographer. I would say poetic but action poetry. And your prose is totally real and beautiful. Another form of poetry.

Thank you, Blair! I had a hard time culling down so many cute faces 🙂

beth, your older sister-in-law

Wow. These shots are gorgeous. And love what you wrote. You are smart!

Thanks B!~ Love that your kiddos helped to make the shots so gorgeous! Also love that you’re older than me 🙂

Danielle Santoro MacInnes, I love everything about this post. The words ring so true to the way society is in regards to their images and how far away from that I want to be. “Moments over poses, people” is the best thing I’ve heard in such a long time. Like you I see in frames, even without my camera – and mostly I see daily interactions as if they were a black and white shot.
These images are gorgeous. I feel like I was right there with you. The last one is my favorite! <3

Thank you Ebi! Moments over poses is obviously a shared mantra!!! 🙂

Ditto everything you said! Your words are beautiful and truth. Your photos breathe life and movement and reality, life in its fullest!

Aw, thanks so much Jenny!