Meet the Dolan Family

Even though my specialty is largely documentary in nature,  it doesn’t mean I shy away from the bigger family shoots which almost always have a lot more posing than I’m used to.  The Dolan family is seventeen strong (soon to be nineteen with the addition of twins in a few months) and a whole lot of fun!

large family portrait

Sorry about how good looking they all are….

Grandparents with grandchildren black and white

The original Dolan crew gives mom a lift to recreate a photo they once took many years ago.  I told you they were fun!

grown sons and dad holding mom sideways on beach

Looking Beyond the Family Portrait

I’m not going to post any more of their posed family photos because while I think they came out beautifully, it was the photos I took at the end of the shoot when all the posing was declared done, that I’m kind of obsessed with.

girl collecting sea shells in a blue glass bottle

father and son walking on beach

The cousins range in age from 13-2 and their bond was pretty amazing to observe.  The littlest guy hadn’t slept much and really didn’t want anything to do with the posed pictures.  But everything changed when he was with his cousins.  It is clear that he is adored by all…

kids running on beach at photoshoot

kids running on beach

cousins on beach at golden hour

back of cousins walking on beachOh man, that light was delicious!  As the session ended we walked back to the house so everyone could relax a little bit before dinner.  The kids started playing in the side yard and even though the session was technically over, there was no way I was leaving yet.

little boy running with girl sun burst

girl smiling at little boy

Not when the sun started setting and all this was happening…

kids fighting for football

kids reaching for football

silhouette of kids playing sports

silhouette of kids jumping for football

silhouette of kids reaching for football

Gymnastics anyone?

silhouette of girl doing back flip

silhouette of boy flipping

silhouette of kids doing handstands

That’s a wrap!   Thanks so much for looking, leave me a comment so I know that people besides my parents read this.

If you’re thinking about scheduling your own family session with me, let’s chat!  I’m all booked up for weekend sessions in August, but have a handful of mid week spots available.

silhouette of kids posing

Special thanks to the Dolan family for being such rockstars!