Part 3 of 3: Decorating the tree in Greenland, NH

Our family traditions may be some of the only things that make us willingly slow down together with purpose and intention.   We do this because family traditions fill us with a sense of belonging and magnify the love that surrounds us– and in today’s wildly stressful and fast paced world, it’s exactly what we need.  Traditions are magical because they are uniquely ours to celebrate with the people we love. Whether we’re with family or friends there is no right or wrong way to participate.

Documenting the Loomis family tradition of tagging, cutting, and decorating their Christmas tree was such a fun experience for me.

Here are some of the highlights from an unforgettable night of decorating the Christmas tree…

sisters sitting on ladder in front of Christmas tree with lights

I did not remember the tree being that big when they cut it down!

mantle decorated with Happy Holidays

box of holiday ornaments

Girl standing on ladder decorating Christmas tree with family Girl leaning over ladder to hang and ornament on Christmas tree close up of hands hanging blue sparkly ornament on tree

looking in glass doors at girl climbing ladder to decorate Christmas tree outside looking into glass doors at hands putting ornaments on tree

Looking up at little girl hanging silver ornament on Christmas tree close up of red star and white lights on Christmas tree

little girl kissing small dog on head close up of blue and white sparkly ornament on christmas tree

Looking through tree at little girl and lights girl hanging red and white ornament on Christmas tree girl wearing white pom pom headband looking at Christmas tree

ornament with yellow house and snow

Here’s where things got interesting….

There comes a point in every photographer’s career when they have to make a decision to either shoot through an action, or get out of the way (for safety sake).  That time came for me when the tree started to fall over….. and I did NEITHER ONE OF THOSE THINGS!  Instead, I kicked my leg out thinking I could stop the tree from hitting the ground.  You know, because I’m 5’2″ and my legs are wicked long and massive enough to stop a 12+ foot tree from crashing to the floor.  The tree crashed to the ground and was picked right back up by Mike before I even had a chance to put my camera back up to my face.  So, basically I failed.  I didn’t stop the tree from falling, nor did I get a picture of it laying on the ground.

little girl looking at broken ornaments on floor mom on floor cleaning up broken ornamentsPoor Parker really took it the worst….

Little girl looking sad with christmas tree in background

little girl in red and white polka dot tights surrounded by broken ornaments mom laying under tree with little girl and broken ornaments in background

blurry lights on Christmas tree

And then there was a moment when it looked like the tree was going to fall over AGAIN!

mom with hands up by tree and daughters watching in background

Thankfully it didn’t– at least not while I was there, but it did fall over in the middle of the night. We’ve all been there, right?

Taylor considers an alternate option for the angel on top of the tree….

Little girl holding small white dog up overhead

Before long the tree was decorated and the excitement had died down a bit.  Life returned to normal….

girl at table using iphone littel girl using iphone with finger

And of course some shenanigans…….

mom playing with daughters and laughing on floor

mom standing and laughing with daughters

mom giving little girl airplane ride on floor

Little girl trying to lift mom up with legs

And then it was time for a relaxed family picture by the decorated tree.  Except someone did not want to participate….

small white dog running around living room with christmas tree

little girl trying to catch small white dog in living roomMike to the rescue once again!

father holding small dog with mom laughing in background

In the end, this is what it’s all about, folks…..

family sitting in front of Christmas Tree with small dog

So much thanks to the Loomis family for letting me tag along and document their family tradition, I truly loved spending time with you and hope you’ll love looking through these photos every holiday season (perhaps that will become a new family tradition).

Thanks for looking!