The 5 on 5 Photography Project : August 2015 : Jetty Jumping

This post begins a brand new photography project I am participating in with a handful of women who are all very talented photographers.  It’s called The 5 on 5 Project and it is truly an exercise in the art of visual storytelling.

Here’s how it works: on the 5th of every month we each post 5 photos that effectively tell a story.  This project is part of a Blog Circle, so at the end of each 5 on 5  post, you’ll be directed to go check out another photographer’s blog to view their images.   There is a ton of talent in this blog circle and I am honored to be part of it all.  Enjoy!

::Jetty Jumping::






Thanks for looking!  Head on over to see what the talented  Natasha Kelly captured this month (from the land down under!!!)…


I love the picture of the kids trying to get Sam to jump! A rite of passage….

These are great! I love how you converted them in BW, it really stands out giving each a story. Love the action shot.

This just screams summer to me – great shots!

Thanks Julia! Summer is my FAVORITE!!!! Especially here on the Cape!

LOVE these! Absolutely gorgeous and you photograph in a way that I feel like I’m there.

Thank you– always nice to hear that 🙂

How fun! What a great day you captured!

Thanks so much!!!

I love the images – I particularly like how the landscape photos add to the story. Great photos!

Thanks Maryrose! it was such a beautiful day with such puffy clouds, I couldn’t resist!

Great images, looks like a blast! I love how you got some from further back and the close-ups as well…takes me back to childhood and that dang lifejacket strap between the legs LOL

Looking forward to following along in your F&F blog circle’s posts 🙂

Thank you! The life jacket strap between the legs is a sure sign of summer 🙂 LOL!

Black and White images are my favorite! Puffy clouds also. ☺ Thanks for sharing Danielle.

Thank you!!!!

Looks like fun! Beautiful photos.

Thanks Jenn!